FSLDK Indonesia Official Statement: Christchurch Mosque Shooting

Terrorism Shooting in New Zealand - FSLDK Indonesia

Terrorism in New Zealand. The grief news comes from our brothers in New Zealand. Terrorism in the form of a brutal shooting has been taking place in two mosques, namely Masjid Noor Mosque and Anan Linwood, Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday (15/3).

New Zealand Herald daily newspaper reported the perpetrator was an Australian man that ever wrote a manifesto containing the extreme right ideology towards anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant. From this brutal terror of action, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, revealed that there were at least 40 people have been assassinated.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, as reported by detik.com, says there are six citizens of Indonesia (WNI) who are in the Masjid Al Noor when the shooting occurred. Three CITIZENS certainly survived and can be contacted.

FSLDK Indonesia as a part of the world community expressed attitude condemning this brutal inhuman act of terrorism. This kind of terrorism act can’t ever be justified in any humanity norms and values.

FSLDK Indonesia also declaring support for New Zealand police institution to carried out the case with a best consequency for the perpetrators of this terrorism, so that there is no similar act of brutality will be arise in another day.

“Whoever kills a human being, not because of the people (is killing) someone else, or not because of the mischief of the Earth, then it is as if he has killed the man entirely …” (QS Al Maidah: 32]

We also convey deep sorrow and prayers to the victims. especially for Indonesian CITIZENS who become some of the victims. May Allah SWT always give strength and protection.

Let’s held a ghaib prayer as a form of caring towards the victims. And so in a form of resistance to this inhuman terrorism act, let’s do a campaign together with hashtag : #TerrorismHasNoReligion to reaffirm that there is no place in any religion for acts of terrorism. (See also: Do and Don’t )

So through this attitude, hopefully there will never be any more inhuman act of terrorism incident happens going forward, stay united and brave, for a peaceful humanity in the world.

Bahasa Indonesia version (https://fsldk.id/aksi-terorisme-di-selandia-baru/)

Jakarta, March 15, 2019
Chairman Of Indonesia, FSLDK Puskomnas
Fahrudin Alwi, S. Hum

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  1. we are breath with same gas, we are same as a human, so why we must think that we are dangerous different, we are same born from a mother, aku berharap semua orang bisa hidup dengan damai

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